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A Quick Lunch for the Cold Stomach

If you're looking outside and noticing weather that isn't too...inviting, don't despair. Great Harvest, Wichita, KS has a few quick ways to get you all warmed up in no time.

Start With a Panini

The best way to feed a cold stomach quickly is with a panini. However if you don't have panini bread, head to your pantry and take out a few slices of your favourite bread. Next, it's off to the fridge to load it up with smoked turkey, an herbed cream cheese, and a delicious sun dried tomato pesto. Give it a quick toast until warmed and you're ready to get back into bed!

Warm up with Soup

Why not add a warm soup on the side? You can opt for a cup of soup or go even bigger with a delicious bread bowl. Choose your favorite type of soup and bread for a warm and delicious treat that is sure to keep you warm.

A Little Something More

The cold weather doesn't mean you are limited to sandwich or paninis. For a great side, try putting together a salad with ingredients you have around the home. Lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, cranberries, feta and a dressing are all a great way to spice up your warming sandwich.

Made With the Freshest Bread in Wichita

If you've gone to the pantry and noticed it's a little bare, then a quick trip to Great Harvest, Wichita, KS will get your covered. Give us a call first on (316) 685-6455 and let us prepare your warm lunch to get you back to the warm blankets sooner.
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