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Help Improve Your Health With Whole Grain Bread

While you may have grown up with the traditional white bread and still enjoy its benefits to this day, whole grain breads have come a long way and are even tastier than ever. For this post, Great Harvest of Wichita, KS lists the great benefits to whole grains alongside their delicious taste!

Lower your cholesterol

While your cholesterol levels may not have been a concern when you were younger, as we grow, levels such as these become more and more important. In addition to helping your body prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol, whole grains can also lower triglycerides, which is a contributor to cholesterol related health concerns.

Assisting With Digestion

In addition to helping to keep cholesterol levels low, whole grains are also known for the work in assisting digestion and maintaining regular body functions.  Given the inclusion of fiber, eating the whole grains in bread can be a great way to not only fill your stomach, but help it move once you've eaten.

Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

When compared with refined grains,whole grain breadcan be a great way to prevent blood glucose levels from spiking as they digest through your system more slowly, promoting a more consistent glucose level.

A Whole Host of Vitamins

Of course, let's not forget the all important vitamins. The vitamin B contained in whole grains can be a great additive to help your body release the energy from protein and carbohydrates, which iron is a great resource for your body to carry oxygen throughout the blood. In addition to this, Magnesium is a mineral known for assisting the building of healthy bones.

Bread in Wichita

So now you know why whole grain breads will make that sandwhich healthier. For the freshest whole grain bread in Wichita, give Great Harvest of Wichita, KS a call at (316) 685-455 or head down and check out what fresh whole grain breads we've prepared today.
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