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Now and again, you have social events to attend, people to meet and things to celebrate. Presenting a gift to the host or celebrated person is a common occurrence. However, this can be sort of stressful, since now you need to think of what to get. If you’re drawing a blank on what a good gift can be, you can put together a personalized bread basket by following the steps below. 

Get a Big Enough Basket

If you’re putting together a gift basket, then you’ll obviously need a basket! Plan what you’ll be putting in it and get a basket that will be able to contain all of these items.

Bread Up!

Now for the feature item in your basket: the bread. You can include a loaf of the yummiest bread in Wichita and some sweet bread to go with it. For example, at Great Harvest, there is a Cinnamon Burst Swirl bread that pairs up nicely with some delicious Cranberry Scones.

Add Some Extras

If you want to give your gift basket something extra, you can include items that could go nicely with the bread, for instance, a jar of homemade fruit jam. If you feel like it, you can even include a bottle of wine in there or the other person’s favorite movie so they can enjoy it while snacking on the bread.

Decorate and Arrange

To make your basket a lot more festive, try decorating it. For example, add colorful ribbons to the handles, or even a bow. Likewise, place soft linen at the bottom of the basket and arrange everything nicely so the gift basket looks more put together.

Write a Note 

If the recipient of the basket is someone special to you, you can take this gift idea to the next level by writing a personalized “thank you” note or dedication to them. They’ll surely appreciate the amount of thought you put into it.

Visit Great Harvest for the Best Bread in Wichita

To make your gift basket extra delicious, visit Great Harvest in Wichita to acquire the tastiest breads and sweets in town. They even have gift baskets ready in case you like the idea but don’t have time to put one together. Call (316) 685-6455 to find out what they have in store for you today.
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